• Welcome to Providence Presbyterian Church
    Welcome to Providence Presbyterian Church
  • Come Worship With Us!
    Come Worship With Us!
  • 4000 Highway 153, Greenville, SC
    4000 Highway 153, Greenville, SC
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As we enter the “dark” days of Lent, Thomas Merton writes, “We must remember the original meaning of Lent, as the ver sacrum, the Church’s ‘holy spring’ in which the catechumens were prepared for their baptism, and public penitents were made ready by penance for their restoration to the sacramental life in communion with the rest of the Church. Lent is then not a season of punishment so much as one of healing.”

We all need healing of one kind or another, don’t we?

I need healing from my sometimes impatience – especially when driving behind someone who is impeding my progress. I need healing from my preoccupation with trivial and unimportant things. I need healing from my endless “wants” that have nothing to do with what I need.

As we begin the season of Lent on Ash Wednesday – February 14, this year – I am turning my mind away from those distractions and shortcomings and lack. I am turning my mind toward the Holy One – the One who came among us, who lived in our midst, who suffered and died for us, who was resurrected that we, too, might be reborn. I am recommitting to intentional time in prayer, in Scripture, and in meditation. I am wading into the “holy spring.”

I invite you to step into the waters with me. Join me in what Merton calls “the sacramental life in communion.” Join me in Christ.

In Christ,

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