• Welcome to Providence Presbyterian Church
    Welcome to Providence Presbyterian Church
  • Come Worship With Us!
    Come Worship With Us!
  • 4000 Highway 153, Greenville, SC
    4000 Highway 153, Greenville, SC
During this pandemic we, at Providence Presbyterian Church, are continuing to worship remotely. Subscribe to us on YouTube

Flowers and plants in the sanctuary on Sunday is a reminder of the “gift of life” that God has provided for us in our world.  These are works of nature that God has on display for our pleasure and use, and are used to symbolize the seasons of the earth and the seasons of our life.

Here at Providence we would like to display fresh flowers each week during our morning worship to show our respect for the beautiful world we have been given.  The worship committee members would like to encourage members and friends of the church to take this opportunity to remember a birthday, anniversary, event, or recognize/honor someone special.  Acknowledgement of the flowers is placed in the church bulletin whenever these gifts are given.  There are many open Sundays available so we ask that you consider taking a date to provide the flowers.  This can be done by signing up on the flower calendar in the church school hallway or calling the church office to have your name placed on it.  We will also begin collecting for a flower fund should someone like for the church to provide flowers or a plant to “The Glory of God”. Some of these items can later be given to our shut-ins, those who are ill or even planted on the church property.

Committee Chairs Shane Metcalf and Robin Bell

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4000 Highway 153
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Sunday Worship is at 11am

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