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    Welcome to Providence Presbyterian Church
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    Come Worship With Us!
  • 4000 Highway 153, Greenville, SC
    4000 Highway 153, Greenville, SC

facebook lentDear Friends,

If you’ve looked at my Facebook feed, you have seen this symbol where my picture used to be. And you may have read the post I wrote, reflecting on why I am shutting Facebook down during Lent.

Technology in general, and social media in particular, now monopolizes so much of our time.

How often have you seen people gathered in a restaurant for dinner, each face bent toward a smartphone instead of gazing in interest at the people around? How many times have you paid more attention to your cell phone than your dinner partner?

I’m guilty. I’m guilty of wasting what could be productive time, time spent doing things that contribute something to the world – at least to the little world around me – trolling through Facebook. Throughout the election last year and now, during the first 100 days of our new president’s term in office, I’ve chased various threads. I’ve read things in favor of Trump; I’ve read things opposed to Trump. And I’ve felt my heartrate accelerate and my body tense in response to all of the animosity, ugly rhetoric, and unfeeling comments being posted in response to these threads. And I think I’ve had enough.

I think I’ve had enough, because I don’t think I am called to obsess over the state of governmental affairs, or fritter time away watching cute cat videos. I think I am called – I think we are called – to be in the service of our Lord.

So I’ve shut down Facebook. I’ve logged off (which pretty much ensures I won’t slip and tap that blue button, since I don’t remember my password). The next step, for me, will be to leave that IPad upstairs instead of gluing my eyes to puzzles and games rather than talking with my husband, reading the dozens of books on my shelves, and generally being present.

When someone asks you what you’re giving up for Lent, what will your answer be? And will it be something that will refocus your attention and energy where it should be?

In His Name, Terri

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