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Providence Presbyterian Church
4000 Highway 153
Greenville, SC 29611

Dawn Sheriff, Director
(864) 605-1011 ext. 15

preschool at providenceWelcome to our Preschool and MMO Child Care Program.  We are pleased and delighted that you have chosen to share your child with us during the coming school year.  This is a place where your child will learn to work and play with others as she builds good habits and attitudes that will be a help in learning skills all through her educational years.   We provide a Christian environment that will enable your child to grow emotionally, socially, spiritually and academically.  Classroom activities and exercises are designed to prepare your child to be ready for full-day K5 program either in public or private school.  We feel that we have a wonderfully well-balanced program that offers the opportunity for your child to master core academic objectives as well as fun and enriching activities in the areas of art, music, science, physical fitness, and computer skills. Pleasetake time to care-fully review this handbook and keep it handy for future reference.  Once you have completed reviewing the handbook, please sign and return the handbook verification form within 30 days of your child’s enrollment.  We are looking forward to a great school year with your child.

Dawn Sheriff, Director

Snow Days, Holidays & other Closings:  We follow the same schedule as Anderson School District One.  When the public schools are closed due to weather conditions, the preschool will also be closed.  If there is a late-arrival decision by district officials, the preschool will be closed.  Please listen to the local radio and TV stations for this information.  Our students will also have the same holiday schedule as District One students, with a few exceptions.  We have a later start and earlier end date to our calendar year.  We also take off the entire week of Thanksgiving.  Please see student calendars (in the student folders) for more information.

General Calendar:
August 26 Open House 6:00-7:00
August 30 - 31 1st Day
September 6 Labor Day Holiday
October 12 Field Trip: Greenville Zoo
October 28 Costume Parade
November 1-2 & 22-26 Fall/Thanksgiving Holidays
December 20 – 31 Christmas Break
January 3 Holiday
January 4 Students Back to School
January 17 MLK Jr. Holiday
February 1 Enrollment Begins
February 21 Presidents Day Holiday
April 4 - 8 Spring Break
April 25 Make-up Day - Holiday
May 24 Graduation (Evening Program)
May 25 Last Day of School/Water Day

*Typical Daily Schedule:

9:00 – 9:15     Arrive, Put things in cubby, puzzles, table work (coloring, name cards, playdough, chalk boards, lace-and-trace)

9:15 – 9:45     Circle Time (Helpers, Calendar, Color, Letter or Number, Bible Verse)

9:45 – 10:15     Potty Break and Snack Time

10:15 – 11:00    Instruction Time and Center Time

11:00 – 11:30     Craft or Activity Time (T- Computer Pals/Science W- Preschool PE, Th-Music)

11:30 – 12:00    Lunch

12:00 – 12:30     Recess (Outside on the playground)

12:30 – 12:45    Clean-up; Review time

12:45 – 1:00     Dismissal

*This is a general example of your child’s day.  Your child’s teacher will have a specific schedule for her classroom that may vary some from this example.  

Tuition Policy:
Tuition is due on the first Thursday school day of the month.  Tuition not received by the 15th of the month will incur a $15 late fee.  If an account becomes 30 days past due, the child will be automatically withdrawn from the program until the account is current.  Payments should be sent in to the school via your child’s school folder.  Your child’s teacher will record the payment on the inside flap of the folder.  Cash payments should always be submitted in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on it.  Submitting tuition payments this way will ensure that you receive timely credit for your payment.  The folder record will serve as your receipt of payment each month, so please do your best not to lose the folder.  Replacement folders will cost $1.

2010-2011 Tuition Rates:
Monthly Tuition Rates will be as follows:
4-day: $185
3-day: $160
2-day: $125
1-day: $60
Rates are levelized so that regardless of the number of days/weeks your child attends, you pay the same amount.

Registration & Material Fees:
Enrollment is determined on a first-come, first-serve basis.  A $50 registration fee must be paid at the time a registration form is submitted.  Material fees vary by age due to the varying cost of age-appropriate materials ($20 for 2’s, $30 for 3’s and $40 for 4’s).  Registration fees are non-refundable.  Only one registration fee is due per family.  Material fees must be paid for before the first day of school.

Withdrawal Notice:
A two-week advance written notice is necessary to withdraw a child from the program.  No tuition or registration refunds can be granted.

Late Pick-Up Fee:
Children should be picked up by or before 1:00pm.  A late fee of $1 per minute will be assessed for every minute that a parent is late picking up his or her child.  After 1:05, parents must come to the office to pick up and sign a late-form indicating the time and amount due.  This fee should be paid with the next monthly tuition dues.

Full tuition is due even when your child is absent due to sickness, illness, vacation, etc.  Not attending school for one month, does not mean that tuition is not due for that month unless the child has been properly withdrawn from the program. (See Withdrawal Notice.)

Regular Hours: 9:00am – 1:00pm Monday – Thursday
Early Stay 8:00am – 9:00pm (as requested)
Late Stay 1:00 – 2:00pm (as requested)

Classes are offered for children ages 6 weeks to age 4 from Monday through Thursday.  K3 and K4 classes have the option of either a three or four day week.  Babies and two year olds have one-day (Wednesday), two-day (Tues/Thurs), three-day (Tues-Thurs) or four-day (Mon-Thurs) options.  Children are expected to arrive at 9:00am, or as soon thereafter as possible, and to be picked up by 1:00pm. If you are later than 1:00 to pick up your child (or after 2:00 for scheduled late-stays) you will be charged a fee and asked to sign a Late Pick-up Acknowledgement Form.  The fee will be $1 per minute to compensate the teacher for having to stay late.  
Early Stay / Late Stay
Early stay will allow parents or other care-givers with an earlier start to their day to drop off their child at 8:00am.  Late stay will allow children to stay at the preschool until 2:00pm.  The rate for early stay will be $2.50 per day; late stay will also be $2.50.  To do both would be an additional $5 per day in addition to the regular tuition rate.  Early/Late stay will only be offered to a limited number of children on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Early/Late stay must be paid for in advance to reserve your child’s placement.  Payment is due the Thursday BEFORE your child is planning to stay early or late.  Failure to prepay does not mean you will be able to drop-in the day of.  Staffing may vary from day to day based on requests.  Late fees will be assessed $1 per minute after 2:00 with the same penalty procedure as at regular pick-up time.  Allowing your child to stay late without planning and paying ahead of time will be considered $1 per minute late after regular pick-up time (1:00), a charge of $60.
Drop-off and Pick-up
Early Stay Drop-off time: 8:00-8:15am
Regular Drop-off time: 9:00 – 9:15am
Regular Pick-up time: 12:45 – 1:00pm
Late Stay Pick-up time: 1:45 – 2:00pm

Providence Preschool has an open-door policy.  We want to welcome you to visit with us at any time.  However, we feel that it is important to help your child with separation anxiety. Therefore, we have a car line system.  Parents have the option of using the car line to drop-off and/or pick-up their children, or they may walk children to and from class.  When escorting your child, please use the double doors by the sanctuary.  If discussion is required with the staff, please park in the parking lot and escort your child to class so as not to stall the car line.  During school hours the doors closest to the preschool will be locked for safety.  If you need to enter the building, please do so through the main entrance nearest the sanctuary and main office.
Adjustment Period
Starting school for the first time can cause anxiety for children.  Visiting the classroom during the scheduled
Open House/ Meet the Teacher Night, or with prior staff permission may make the adjustment easier.  We want to work with you and the child to help make preschool a positive experience.  We recommend that you give your child at least one month to adjust to the whole preschool experience.  

Car Line Procedure

1.    Pull up to sidewalk parallel to playground.
2.    Staff will meet and assist your child from the car with belongings.
1.    Please display the hang-tag with your child’s name from the rear-view mirror.
2.    Pull-up to the sidewalk parallel to playground.
3.    Load child/children in car.
4.    Pull up out of the line to secure your child in safety seats to keep the line moving smoothly.


Please keep your child at home if he or she has experienced one of the following conditions in the past 24 hours:
1.    Fever
2.    Diarrhea
3.    Nasal secretions that are thick, yellow or green and accompanied by a fever.  Cloudy or colored nasal secretions may indicate an allergy. Please check with your physician to rule out infection.
4.    Sore throat with fever or throat spots.
5.    Cough accompanied by fever, chills, and the coughing up of green or yellow mucus.
6.    Vomiting or nausea.
7.    Head lice
8.    Pink eye or other eye infection.  Eye drainage or any type should be checked by a doctor to rule out infection.  If a written statement from a doctor ruling out infection is obtained, the child may attend as normal.
9.    Impetigo or other unusual rashes should be checked by a doctor to rule out bacterial infection.  If a written statement from a doctor ruling out infection is obtained, the child may attend as normal.
10.    Child not feeling well, such as lethargic behavior and/or crying.

The child may return to preschool after illness when:

1.    Fever has been broken for 24 hours.
2.    Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea has subsided for 24 hours.
3.    At least four doses of antibiotics have been given over a 24 hour period for any type of strep or bacterial infection.
4.    Child is feeling well again and normal behavior has returned.

Parent – Teacher Conferences

We believe the partnership between parents and teachers is essential to the child’s well-being.  There will be two times a year when conferences may be scheduled for K3 and/or K4 students.  Teachers will conduct mid-year and year-end evaluations.  Conferences will be scheduled at the conclusion of at least one of these evaluation periods.  This is a time for parents to ask questions and teachers to provide helpful information on student progress using our age-appropriate checklists.  Conferences can be scheduled at any time if a parent or teacher feels that a conference would be helpful or necessary for the child’s benefit.  It is for this reason that we discourage lengthy discussions at drop-off and pick-up times as this may disrupt class time (when occurring in the hall or class) or disrupt the flow of the car line (when outside).


Birthdays are special times.  You are welcome to send special refreshments; please notify your child’s teacher in advance.  If you send party invitations to school, please make sure that you include each child in the class.  We would not want anyone to feel left out.


Lunch will be at 11:30 each day.  Please notify to school and your child’s teacher if your child has any food allergies.  Students should bring their own lunch from home (including a beverage) and store it in classroom bins.  Please pack lunches that do not require heating. Ice packs can be used for foods required to stay cold.  For children under the age of two, grapes should be cut in half and hot dog wieners cut in half lengthwise first then cut into bite-size portions. All food should be ready to eat.  Do not send carbonated drinks or glass containers in your child’s lunch.  

A mid-morning snack will be provided by the program.  Snacks include goldfish, cheerios, fruits and vegetables to correspond with academic or thematic lessons.  Please feed your child before arriving at the preschool.  Children are not to enter the classroom with food or beverage.



Our program is for infants and children through four years of age.  The child’s age on September 1 determines his or her age-based placement.  As we realize that each child presents a unique set of needs, changes will be made with the approval of the parent and the teacher.  Children entering the 3-year-old class must be potty trained.

Authorization for Pick-Up:
Information giving permission for person(s) other than a parent/guardian to pick up the child from school must be included in your child’s file.  It is a good practice for the parent to notify the staff, director or teacher when other person(s) are picking up the child on a given day.  In the event that someone other than those listed on the authorization form are to pick up, the school needs to have written authorization. Verbal authorization by phone is accepted in the event of an emergency.

This held typically in the month of February, but may begin as early as January for current students or their siblings.

Child Abuse:
The staff at Providence Preschool is required by SC State Law to report any suspicion of child abuse.

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