Christian Education

We return to in person learning and worship September 5th!

                                        Wednesday Nights at 6pm

New Wednesday Night Study

Coming September 22nd. How do we honor the faith of other religious groups while remaining true to our own beliefs? What do Christianity, Judaism and Islam have in common? We will delve into the faith of our own traditions as well as that of Jewish and Muslim traditions to gain greater understanding of all faiths. Wednesday Nights at 6pm in Ellenburg Hall.

Learning Groups

We Start our learning journeys Sunday mornings at 9:45 am so that we can prime ourselves for the message.

Be ready to enjoy friendship and getting closer to God.

You are invited to come anytime and sample each course to see which fits you best!

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Special Studies

The Ukulele group continues to celebrate God through music and we thank the members of this group for sharing their talents during our worship services.

You never know when they will be playing so be sure to be a part of worship every Sunday.

If you want to learn this fun instrument and enjoy the fellowship with young and old just contact us and we will include you!


“Lets grow our good together”

At PPC, children and youth are surrounded by a village of people ready to help nurture and raise them in God’s love. PPC feeds children and youth the word of God and nurtures them to become productive adults living as Christ would have them live. Different opportunities are available to the children and youth to participate in.

Youth Group

– Open to all school age children. Studies are relevant to life in today’s busy, social media filled world. Leaders address issues faced by our children and youth with a Biblical perspective equipping young people with Christian knowledge to face their world. Youth group meets twice per month on Sunday afternoons at 2 PM. PPC Youth also participate in community service projects each quarter. Past

projects include Visiting Foothills Retirement Center, cleaning Ellenberg Hall, PPC grounds clean-up,

volunteering to build sea turtle nests, and assisting elderly congregation members with yard work and

minor house repairs.

Discovering Discipleship

Prayer, God’s Word, Hymns, Living a Christ centered life…

Just a sample of the Sunday morning topics explored as Providence Church members strive to discover their Discipleship in Christ.

Two adult classes are available –

Topics rotate, and members decide the topics for each study.

Youth and children also have a class led by a rotation of teachers. Discipleship is a lifelong process and constantly evolving as one

journeys through life. Providence Church strives to evolve as well by offering everchanging learning adventures to our members

Wednesday Wonderings

Weekly studies enrich and enhance the spiritual journey of members of Providence Church. Studies rotate throughout the year. Past studies have focused on prayer, stewardship, advent, Pentecost and other subjects members have wondered about on their journey. The meeting place for each study is determined by the leader of each rotation and changes with each study.

Friends and Fellowship

Providence Church members love to be social and share meals together. Monthly fellowship events encourage members to become more familiar with one another. Fellowship activities are designed to include members of all ages. Events are often held in Ellenberg Hall on the church campus but can also be held off campus in the community. Highlights and favorites include Mystery Dinners, Low Country boil, game nights, campouts on church property, fire pits, sing-alongs, covered dish breakfasts and lunches,

baseball games, bowling, hockey games, and more! Fellowship is always open to suggestions from members on ways to spend time together

as a family.